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Online Articles

African Wild Dogs have attracted attention and inspired numerous articles. We have included some links to some interesting articles about their role in the ecosystem, how conservation efforts are affecting them, and other issues influencing the fight to keep African Wild Dogs strong.

Wild Dog Urine May Be Used as “Fences” in Africa
National Geographic
March 11, 2004

Human-carnivore conflict over livestock: The African wild dog in central Botswana
University of California, Davis – Matthew Swarner
March 5, 2004

On the Trail of Africa’s Endangered Wild Dogs
National Geographic
December 31, 2003

Endangered Wild Dogs Caught in Poaching Stampede
Wilson Johwa
August 13, 2003

AWF and Disney Partner to Save Wild Dogs
African Wildlife Foundation website
December 16, 2002

Distemper Outbreak and Its Effect on African Wild Dog Conservation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
February 2002